How to write a world-class newsletter in just one hour

How to write a world-class newsletter in just one hour:


Chose an idea:

If you want to go faster, you should always be building an idea bank.

Take 15 minutes per day and look at:

– YouTube channels
– Aggregator newsletters
– Relevant news stories
– Things you’ve learned

Jot them down and keep a running list.

Gather information:

Once you’ve chosen your topic, then do some research to back up your thoughts.

I like to Google and look for:

– One book
– One Tweet
– One quote
– One article

Then, choose 1 or 2 and use them inside of your issue.

Use a template:

This is where most of my speed comes from.

I use a newsletter template so that I can generally follow the same process each week.

– What’s a big problem?
– How do most people solve it?
– Why doesn’t it work for them?
– How would I solve it differently?

Write the headers:

Before I write anything else, I write the headers.

This basically gives me an outline to follow and makes it much easier to write.

Once you have the headers, you have a little treasure map to follow.

Fill out the body:

Now you can fill the information in to support each header.

Use this framework:

– Start with an opening line that explains the header.
– A paragraph about what you learned about the header.
– A paragraph about how to put learnings into action.

Add images, video, and research:

Once you have the body, you can add supporting multimedia.

Find your Tweet/Book/Quote from above and insert it.

If you need an image or video to help explain something, now is the time to put it in place.

Write the title:

With the first newsletter draft written, it’s much easier to choose a title.

Use a subject line tester to see how “good” or “bad” your title is.

Work it until you’re sure you’ll have decent open rates.

Edit using a system:

Here’s mine:

– Are your sentences concise and understandable?
– Do you have any long, ongoing tangents?
– Do you deliver what is promised in the headline?
– Did you add links to relevant resources?

That’s it.

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