How will web3, crypto, and blockchain affect edtech & learning?

web3, crypto & blockchain are making waves in art, music, and fintech today How will web3, crypto, and blockchain affect edtech & learning? Here’s what I’m seeing so far 🧵
2/ today I’m seeing early efforts in a couple of areas: learn to earn DAOs as universities or learning DAOs career funding: creator coins, securitized music freelancer networks credentials, transcripts let’s dive into each of these 5 and where there’s more opportunity
3/ Learn to Earn taking a note from play to earn (P2E) models (Axie Infinity), companies like Rabbithole are pioneering L2E models that reward folks for performing tasks, learning skills there’s L2E for language learning, reading newsletters + protocols, all rewarded w/tokens
6/ another innovation area is DAOs as universities DAOs are decentralized autonomous orgs or decentralized communities where any token holder has voting rights & a shared “bank account” DAOs can deploy L2E courses, credentials & manage a learning environment for their community

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