HTC is Launching Blockchain Based Smartphones, HTCExodus. How much premium would you pay?

HTC and Exodus smartphone. Reminds you of SIRIN LABS and that device FINNEY?
The first is packaged both as a mobile-connecting-point to the world of decentralised-networks and as a storage-device for crypto in a user’s pocket. The latter was introduced as a cyber-protected, blockchain-enabled mobile phone (something tailor-made to support Blockchain applications like built-in cold storage crypto wallet with room for major crypto-currencies and tokens).
HTC has announced HTC Exodus, a smartphone based on Blockchain.
These implausible-sounding bells and whistles were laid down on BlockShield, a proprietary technology from SIRIN LABS that could, apparently, secure the hardware’s crypto wallet and ensure transaction integrity.

HTC Exodus Blockchain Phone
HTC Exodus Blockchain Phone

Two questions pop here: is it really possible to make a blockchain-y phone? Specially when it is a shared database and cannot be pinned down to one party instead of a network of connected devices as experts like Scott Adam Gordon have argued already.
If this can, however, work, would it make HTC repeat with decentralised technologies what Google did with search and Facebook with networking (but messed a bit with backdoors into personal data)?
May be users would like the idea of paying for un-compromised privacy? The question is how much more?