HTML5 is in. Google Gears RIP


HTML5 is in. Google Gears RIP

Google has decided to sunset Google Gears, as the company has shifted attention to HTML5.

‘If you’ve wondered why there haven’t been many Gears releases or posts on the Gears blog lately, it’s because we’ve shifted our effort towards bringing all of the Gears capabilities into web standards like HTML5. We’re not there yet, but we are getting closer…
We will not be investing resources in active development of new features.’ – official blog

What about the support?

Google will continue to support Gears for the time being and will continue to support Firefox and IE.

Specifically, we cannot support Gears in Safari on OS X Snow Leopard and later. Support for Gears in Firefox (including 3.6, which will be supported shortly) and Internet Explorer will continue.

Zoho, one of the early adopters of Gears, too is following the Google route.

Google team is gracious to inform us about this decision in advance and the intentions behind this move, which we very much respect. At Zoho, we see HTML5 as the future of the web, and we plan to move our apps in this direction.
As far as Offline support for existing Zoho Apps (Zoho Writer & Zoho Mail, primarily) are concerned, they will continue to work for now as we migrate towards HTML5. We internally are experimenting with HTML5 and we are excited to see the possibilities. – blog

What is HTML5?

This video will help you understand HTML5 in a better way.

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