Httpfuse : Topic based Bookmarking Tool

Hyderabad based startup has launched that allows community to build important bookmarks/links on the topic of their interest.

Sounds like wikipedia? This is what Rama, the founder has to say:

“Httpfuse contains collection of such fuses on wide variety of topics ranging from history to present day products. It means httpfuse is similar to Wikipedia with one difference. In Wikipedia for every topic users collaborate on content to bring out the history and evolution of the topic,where as in httpfuse for every topic users/community collectively build important and interesting bookmarks/links around the topic . Such a collection of bookmarks on a topic is called a Fuse on a topic as we are bringing down the best of the information (via links) together at one place. Wikipedia is all about the history , evolution and basic information of a topic, it can’t provide me the best information that is available on the web for a topic such as.

Can Wikipedia provide me the best videos across the web related to the topic?

Can Wikipedia provide me with the best articles across the web related to the topic?

Whereas objective is to provide best of the information resources (i.e. links) across the web for a topic by means of user/community collaboration of links. This is the reason why we are calling as new Internet encyclopedia.”

Essentially, what httpfuse does is that it brings in links around a topic which users can vote up/down.

What about difference between Fuse and

This is what the founding team has to say
‘Do I get comprehensive set of important and interesting bookmarks across different areas of a specific topic in


The numbers of topics across which groups are built in are around 200 to 300 which tells that groups are built across broader areas rather on specific ones. The group discovers and shares interesting websites which fall into broader spectrum rather than comprehensive set of interesting bookmarks on a specific topic whereas a Fuse allows a community to build comprehensive set of interesting bookmarks across different areas of a specific topic.’

And is all about personal bookmarks. It’s main focus is about the bookmarks of a person and the discovery of related bookmarks from other user’s who has saved the same bookmark. But the Fuse main focus is to build important bookmarks on a topic from the community who are interested in that topic

You may argue that i will search in delicious to find out important bookmarks related to a topic. But those bookmarks are very few and not comprehensive with respect to the topic.

Even if we take product fuses (i.e. fuses which are built on topic) there are thousands/millions of products across the world. Is it possible for delicious to cover in detail all the important bookmarks across the different areas of the product as if the community interested in that topic has built?

The motivation with which both are born is different.

  1. Mahalo’s goal is to hand-write and to maintain the top 50,000 search terms.
  2. Fuse goal is  to remain as an utility among groups of people to build important bookmarks on a topic of their interest such a utility will help in turn all of them (and other users) in discovering the important bookmarks across different areas of a topic.

Any small group can use the utility to build bookmarks on the topic of their interest, which is not easily possible with

Essentially, Httpfuse is trying an interesting approach of bringing in relevant information/links around a particular topic.

As of now, the product has 2.6 million fuses and 4.6 million links and the team is also planning an enterprise version of Fuse that will integrate with wikis to help the team/community in effective information management (i.e. both content and links).

What’s your take on httpfuse?

Sample Fuses on various topics: MySQL,Gmail, Mahatma Gandhi, AIDS, iPhone

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