Huawei Launches LiteOS, A 19KB Internet Of Things Operating System


Huawei Launches LiteOS, A 19KB Internet Of Things Operating System

Huawei is preparing to launch its very own operating system that will power Internet of Things (IoT) devices called ‘LiteOS’ – named after the fact that it is just 10 kilobytes in size.


LitOS, is apparently the lightest software of its kind and can be used to power everything from wearable devices to connected cars, and will be open to all developers to create smart devices.

The company believes that there will be over 100bn Internet-connected devices by 2025, and has said that its game plan is to provide connections rather than the actual devices themselves.

This strategy is far from what many of Huawei’s closest rivals such as Xiaomi and Lenovo are planning, with both companies already releasing a host of IoT gear and planning more for the future.

Despite the small size of LiteOS, some of its key features are – zero configuration, auto-discovery and auto-networking.

Whether Huawei likes it or not, LiteOS will go head to head with Google’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows 10, which are being crammed into every possible smart device imaginable.

However, the company has already said it will not compete with other smartphone operating systems, but instead will focus on powering smart devices for consumers and businesses.

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