Hungama Launches Music Streaming App

hungama, the online service that offers Bollywood, Regional and South Asian music entertainment content has launched a new mobile app.

The app is available on iOS and Android with a lite version available on BlackBerry 10. It contains a catalogue of music tracks & music videos from over 2 million songs from Bollywood, International, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and other regional content.

Hungama says that the one feature that differentiates the app from other apps in this segment, like Flyte and Gaana, is that it is capable of playing videos.

Bringing an element of gamification, the Hungama music app also introduces a Loyalty feature that rewards users for every action on the app. Users can earn points every time they watch videos, play/share music, invite friends or even when they create playlists. These points can then be used to redeemed by buying content, movie tickets, autographed merchandise, gadgets and dinner dates with film stars.

There is also a Mood Discovery mode that finds and plays music to match the user’s mood. This feature allows users to discover music based on their preferences – Mood, Tempo, Language, Genre or Era.

The Android app allows users to buy and download entertainment content on their connected devices. This feature is not present on the iOS version at present. The app also offers trivia and lyrics.

It also offers Hungama’s Artist Radio which offers access to over 20,000 artistes on

The ‘My Stream’ social option in the app allows users to invite, share and connect with their friends online through social networking platforms and to earn points.

Paying Rs 50 a month on Android will give you unlimited full-length, ad-free streaming of any song or video. On iOS a user has to pay Rs 110 one time to play full-length videos. The free version just gives a preview of 30 seconds for each video.

We tried the Android version of the app and found the UI to be quite nice and there was easy access to all the features of the app. Both the music as well as the videos streamed well on our 3G connection.  In fact we would have to say that this is one of the most feature packed music streaming apps.

This sector is definitely turning to be one of the hot segments this year with all existing players ramping up their offerings and making a big push into mobile.

Download: Android, iOS and BlackBerry 10 (lite version)

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