HuntShire Brings Brand Pages & Gamified Recruitment to Make Hiring Fun & Social

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HuntShire Brings Brand Pages & Gamified Recruitment to Make Hiring Fun & Social

The problems with current recruitment solutions are plenty. They are spammy, not social, often generate low quality leads or even end up matching the wrong job with the wrong person. Remember that famous stuck in the wrong job ad? That’s all been changing, thanks to a new generation of professional networking and recruitment solutions.

HuntShire is one of the new ones trying to disrupt the space. On the platform, companies can create an engaging brand page and let job seekers follow them. Something like a company page on LinkedIn which other members on the network can follow. For the company, the followers make a nice pool of talent interested in what it’s doing.HuntShire

What comes next is the fun part. Recruiters can create gamified assessments to profile candidates. Companies can aggregate talent from various sources, profile them for skill and keep track on them. Using a live project page, companies can post problems in areas such as market research, sales and marketing etc and crowdsource solutions.

For a job seeker, signup is easy. You can use your Facebook account or signup with an e-mail address. Once you are in, a neat dashboard lets you discover companies, solve problems or apply to open positions. If you get tired job hunting, you can cool off playing a few games in the Gravity Quotient section.

The creators of HuntShire– Vishnu Prasad, Gaurav Gat and Shankar Ganapathy– make money by charging recruiters on a subscription basis. So far, the company has 8 paying customers, says Prasad.

For a beta version, the site is impressive. It may not be difficult to bring in a few early adopters for an interesting product, but the challenge for job portals in India is something that Naukri solved a long time ago. You need feet on the street to sell it. Looking at the listings and number of people following companies, the site seems to have gotten fairly decent early traction.

Other startups such as HireRabbit, Whistle Talk, My Parichay and NextCubicle that are also trying to disrupt the recruitment space.

Finding a great employee is like looking for a needle in a haystack. We should know, we’ve been looking for a while. If you are a hunter, give HuntShire a spin.

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