World’s hottest sauce. One bizarre company !

It is weird but one of the great American success stories.

A guy escapes communist Vietnam, arrives in the U.S. as a refugee and settled in Los Angeles. Unable to find a hot sauce that he liked, Tran began making his own builds an entire empire from a hot sauce recipe. Sounds weird?? But it is true.

Huy Fong’s founder David Tran built his empire starting from scratch. He used to make the sauce by himself and then personally deliver them in his blue van to local Asian restaurants. He hand-painted the rooster logo, which is his Chinese birth year sign.
One of the unique thing about this company is Huy Fong Foods has never advertised its sauce, and yet its sales have increased by almost 20% each year. This “rooster sauce ” is way more popular than movies or T.V. series, not only there is actually a bunch of cookbooks written to celebrate Sriracha’s versatility, but remarkable merchandise ranging from iPhone covers to T-shirts and back in the past a Lays flavor was inspired by the sauce. It even had a documentary. It can rightly be called a swag statement in LA.
However, Huy Fong, the creator of this cult classic when interviewed claimed that he never worried about profit and hardly knows where his sauce is sold. Trans claimed that he never ever had hiked the prices of his sauce at which he sells at wholesale

 “My dream was never to become a billionaire.” It is “to make enough fresh chili sauce so that everyone who wants Huy Fong can have it. Nothing more.” Said Trans.

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