Cost Reduction Remains Priority For Hybrid Cloud Implementation In India [Report]

Virtualization is a key imperative to private/hybrid cloud enablement across sectors – 97% in BFSI, 87% in retail and 83% in manufacturing, according to a recent report.

Among Indian respondents, 78% feel that cost reduction and resource optimization drive cloud investments whereas 76% believe that security is one of the key capabilities required to enable private/hybrid cloud, whereas expanding existing virtualization investments is critical in both Australia (43%) and Singapore (47%), the Transforming The Data Center report by Cisco-Wipro said.

Industry Wise Cloud

The survey also found that Indian respondents are strongly focussed on improving IT operational efficiency, with 51% seeking ways to reduce the time spent on provisioning and deprovisioning resources. Only 29% of the Indian respondents desired to expand on existing virtualization investments and skills as a driver of private/hybrid cloud investments.

Cloud Investment

As far as the concerns over the lack of cloud-related management skills or capabilities were concerned, on a scale of 1-10, 40% of Indian respondents rated readiness to run most strategic applications on a private/hybrid cloud at 7 or higher.

The report also notes that interoperability across different clouds was a far greater concern among Australian respondents than Singaporean and Indian respondents. In contrast, integrating with existing on premise systems was of far more concern in Singapore, noticeably higher, compared to India and Australia.

Cloud Challenge

This survey gathered insights from 140 IT decision-makers in Australia, India and Singapore.

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