Hyderabad Based Advantage One Group Acquires MakeMyJob


Hyderabad Based Advantage One Group Acquires MakeMyJob

makemyjobHiring firm MakeMyJob has been acquired by Hyderabad based Advantage One Group, a staffing and recruitment company with over 250 employees.

Sumit Chandra, the Founder & CEO of MakeMyJob said

After the merger with Advantage One Group, we are a team of 40 consultants in the domestic market and 70 consultants for the US market.

The acquisition was completed in May and the company didn’t disclose the deal value.The company has plans to penetrate the US product staffing market.

“We are aiming to be among the top 3 Recruitment Firms in Product Domain in India and US,” he added. They are also building technology solutions around skill set mapping, information exchange and database management. 

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