Hyderabad based eHealth launches Virtual Medical Kiosk connecting patients and doctors

Hyderabad based eHealth Access has launched Virtual Medical Kiosk – a breakthrough technology innovation which enables patient-doctor consultation in a secure environment.

Unmanned Kiosk!
Unmanned Kiosk!

Using the kiosk, patients and doctors can communicate through phone, web cams, video conferencing, messaging, or chat. The Virtual Medical Kiosk is embedded with a touch screen system, audio-video capabilities, diagnostic equipment, scanner and medical management software capable to record personal health datato give a real-life experience through a proprietary platform developed by ehealth Access, that facilitates on-demand, real-time consultations with medical professionals any time of day.

Given that 65% of India’s population does not have access to modern medicine and only 13% have access to a primary healthcare centers (and less than 10% have access to a hospital), ehealth’s virtual kiosk attempts to bridge the physical divide between doctors and patients.

The device could be deployed in a variety of places: in a corporate for employee use, at a retail store, old age homes, or even in a gated community. The Virtual Medical Kiosk also aims to reach out as a channel to help Government towards the implementation of Universal Health Care programme (UHC) with the help of NGOs in remote places.

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