Hyderabad is Online Yet Again on www.FullHyd.com

Okay. It seems that the Hyderbadis (& Secunderabadi) have another great choice for online local search. Apart from JustDial, Sulekha, AskLaila and GreenMango, which we recently reviewed, there is http://fullhyd.com too which comes with the ‘surprise of the underdog’ to us.

Full Hyderabad (aka FullHyd) as its name claims pretty much covers everything about the twin cities. The ‘IIT-IIM’ founder Kishore Kadiyala, has bootstrapped the search portal and seems to have, as he puts it, ‘average 15 parameters of information’ for every visitor. An interesting concept with significant effort from founder.

Even though the portal does seem to contain great value, I failed to understand why so little emphasis on the look & feel of the website? For example, why not using Google maps (or even Bing or Yahoo) to provide select ‘my location’ within Hyderabad? Or even show local distances appropriately instead of presenting simple tables of text-on-a-page info with loads of ads and fads?

My belief is that online experience along with crisp information is a crucial differentiator if one is looking at increasing returning visitors & positive word-of-mouth. Overall, the feedback is that the current interface leaves a lot to ask for and you guys need to convincingly adopt a layout which leverages great information with seamless experience.

Calling all to check out on Hyderabad through Full Hyderabad!

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