i-msgr: create your own personal instant messenger

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i-msgr: create your own personal instant messenger

i-msgr is a cool idea that enables one to create your own personal instant messenger.i-msgr

Using i-msgr, you can setup a messenger for your group of friends, e-group, orkut community, visitors to your website, or even your intranet!

i-msgr is pretty simple to use – create your own group and point your friends to install the group messenger. You can also customize the chat client (with your custom logo/text etc).
After you (and your friends) install the chat client, get started with your own personal conversation!

Though one can argue that even the same can be achieved via Y! IM/GTalk/meebome or any other IM client, I still see a big opportunity for products like i-msgr.

i-msgr takes personalization to a new level by allowing one to create their personal chat clients -few consumer use case for i-msgr could be a family chat client – say, you get all your family members in one IM client, share pics/videos etc; or even an intranet chat (project chats etc)

The product has been developed by Sudeep Nayak, who has earlier developed few other products in face recognition and genetics space.

In my opinion, the product needs more meat and should attempt to piggyback on existing network (say FaceBook/Orkut APIs).

What’s your take on i-msgr? Will you use it?

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