i7 Networks Launches Enterprise Security Solution to Monitor BYOD


i7 Networks Launches Enterprise Security Solution to Monitor BYOD

Mobile security startup i7 Networks, has launched the beta version of their enterprise security solution used to monitor devices that plug into an enterprise network.

The solution, called PeregrineGuard, will help IT managers a way of securing the network by providing controls that help in discovering devices being used by employees, maintaining inventory of devices in use in a network and applying granular access control.

“Being agent-less (we do not put any client on a mobile smart device), it is highly scalable and the issue of intruding into user’s privacy doesn’t arise,” Manjunath Gowda, the CEO of i7 Networks said.

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The startup, backed by angel investors is being incubated at the Microsoft Accelerator in Bangalore .

In an interview with NextBigWhat earlier, ChandraShekar M, Co-founder and CTO of i7 Networks said that the idea is to secure enterprise networks in an environment as the rising bring your own device (BYOD) trend puts security at risk.

“Employees dont want to put the virtual box that company gives on their phones because of privacy concerns and most existing solutions now use this approach,” he said.

i7 Networks is targeting the US market in a big way, he added. The general availability of the product is slated for June 2013.

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