A Look at IIM Ahmedabad’s iAccelerator 2013 Batch Startups

iAccelerator, the incubation program run by IIM Ahmedabad, has picked 10 new startups to become part of its latest batch. The incubator, founded in 2009, has so far supported 45 startups.

The 10 startups for iAccelerator 2013 batch were chosen from more than 500 applications. The 3 month residential program will end in November with the ‘Demo Day,’ where teams will present their business plans.

Here’s a quick look at the iAccelerator 2013 batch startups:

  1. RideShare.co_logoRideShare: Unless you have your own car, or bike, there is no easy way to get around in any Indian city. Even then, commuting in the traffic, the driving stress, and the soaring fuel costs can be a pain in the neck. However, safety and the ability to get a shared ride on-demand are factors that keep daily commuters from using a ridesharing platform. RideShare, with its nifty website and mobile app, addresses these concerns by allowing verified commuters to share, and find rides with other verified commuters. RideShare also facilitates cashless travelling and women-only rideshares.
  2. ChaukaChauka hopes to revolutionize the way amateur sports are played in India. With current focus on Cricket, Chauka offers mobile and web applications to help players connect with other players in their city, join matches and score matches on mobile. Players get live scorecards, detailed match analysis and automatically updated profiles and ranks which can be easily shared on social networks via the Chauka app. With numerous cricketers and associations already using this app and a Facebook following of more than 30,000, this start up is well on its way to achieve its goal!
  3. mechmochaMech Mocha is a mobile game development start up whose first game under development is called ‘Pablo and The Puppet Punch’. The game is a unique blend of sci-fi and puppet culture that follows the main character ‘Pablo’,who has to fight evil puppets with lasers, bombs, swords and bullets. Players have to complete weekly hunts and daily challenges and can even purchase more ammunition and costumes for Pablo.
  4. fingifyOn an average, you unlock your phone 100 times a day. What if you could earn every time you unlocked your phone? Fingify places advertisements on your lock screen and pays you every time you unlock your phone. These earned credits, can then be converted into mobile recharge. The brands get high visibility through the largest available space on a phone. A service like Fingify will be critical in India to help brands direct their offerings to people who care about their products, and generate value for it.
  5. Socio LogoSosio is a one of its kind next generation cloud based application, custom tailored to suit the requirements of communities. It is a platform which helps them to attract volunteers, manage their supporters for their events/causes, raise funds and measure their Key Performance Indicators. This brings in more accountability, bridges the bi-directional communication gap, and adds efficiency to the day-to-day activities.
  6. qscriptQScript is a survey management solution that enables companies to collect survey data using mobile devices easily and efficiently. With the world moving on to mobile technology for almost every single task, collecting survey responses on pen and paper is an obsolete concept. Through QScript, marketing agencies can create complex surveys, analyze data in real time, decrease cost of data entry and ensure a higher level of data accuracy. Its platform also supports audio visual questions and answers with a simple yet attractive user interface.
  7. Gridle DeskGridle, is a collaboration and enterprise software that’s simple, beautiful and unbelievably fast. No matter how complex or spread out the enterprise’s network may be, Gridle makes communication easy through visual, cloud and economical collaboration. Webs and intuitive search along with basic features like file sharing, calendars and instant messaging, make it a useful and effective tool for teams working cross border.
  8. eashmart_logo_newEashMart makes it possible to make card payments with a tap on your mobile bringing card payments to everyone. With Eashmart installed on your phone, you can make a payment, no matter where you are, from the comfort of your smartphone. Even those who are wary of thieves and cyber criminals would agree that Eashmart’s security measures are completely safe given its compliance with international and government of India mandated standards.
  9. dodatadoDoDataDo is bringing the power of big data analytics to the average website owner. Their tool monitors web traffic and provides actionable micro-insights to improve conversions, in real time. Businesses, for which their website is becoming an increasingly important source for leads, can use DoDataDo to convert more visitors. With other data analysis tools displaying data in complex graphs and diagrams, it can be quite overwhelming for the average website owner. Not only does DoDataDo simplify this data, it also advises the website owner on how to take advantage of the web traffic.
  10. Locator is a mobile utility location based service. Though contact numbers are habitually stored in our phones, we still face problems remembering addresses. This is where Locator comes in!  It adopts your entire phonebook into its directory and provides you with location data of users on request. You can also share your location with others and save addresses under a specific name too.

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