ibibo adding you celebrity follower without your permission? [privacy anyone?]

In the early days of social networking, it was all about how many friends you have. Twitter changed all of that and now what matters is how many followers do you have.

The whole follower/following ratio is a great ego boost for many and post Twitter success, a lot of me-too sites have started coming up with similar terminology.

The problem?

Look at ibibo – they are adding followers to celebrities automatically, without even taking your approval.

ibibo following me

I was recently added as a follower to some ‘Rahul Bhat’, an actor who I do not even know about [sorry dude!] and guess what, the actor’s profile has 0 following and 5868 followers (at the time of writing this article). Similarly, I was ‘forced’ to follow Shekhar Suman, who incidentally has 13K followers.

The celebrities will of course be happy about it [heck! its better than Twitter, where you actually have to either be super famous to attract followers, or really take the pains to start conversation] as it keeps the ego game on.

But what about user privacy violation?

What’s your opinion?

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