ibibo Launches Farms game [Inspired by Facebook Farmville]

ibibo has launched ‘Farms’ game that is undoubtedly inspired by Facebook’s Farmville. Each user manages and owns a piece of land, grows crops, harvests crops and earns virtual money. Players aspire for the top leader board position within their online social graph.

Ibibo’s farm games has few interesting stats to share:

About 28,000,000 pieces of fruit and vegetables have been harvested till date, 410,000 pieces of fruit and vegetables are harvested every day, daily 80,000 eggs are produced and about 38,000 buckets of milk our produced on the ibibo Farm game.- source

Farming is a Social Game
Farming is a Social Game

Give the game a spin and share your feedback. Does ibibo hosts the necessary social graph to get people to start farming?

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