IBM and Y! team up – attacks Google

Looks like 2007 is an unlucky year for Google.
First there were lots of anti-Goog posts (over not supporting comments in it’s blogs) all over the Blogosphere and then Google ate user’s Gmail.
And then Blogger suffered few hiccups.
And then Goog News broke down.

And the latest attack is by IBM and Y!.

IBM-Y! teamed up to launch ‘OmniFind! Yahoo Edition‘ – a free downloadable search appliance that businesses can use to find information on the web or intranet [and is integrated with Y! search].

OmniFind supports 500,000 documents in 30 languages and has support for 200 file types.
Compare this with Google’s appliance – 500,000 documents, 109 languages and 220 file formats.
While OmniFind is for free, Goog costs a whopping whopping $30,000!

Know more about IBM-Y!’s Omnidrive here, and here.
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