ARM and IBM Partner To Launch An IoT Starter Kit


ARM and IBM Partner To Launch An IoT Starter Kit

Chip manufacturer ARM and IT services giant IBM have partnered to launch an Internet of Things (IoT) ‘starter kit’ that will help developers test smart home, smart city and other IoT prototypes.
IBM-ARM IoT Starter Kit (1)
The starter kit is part of a tie-up between the two firms to promote innovation in the Internet of Things space which is expected to grow into a $25 billion market by 2020. Regardless to say, chip manufacturers and cloud & big data providers are expected to reap maximum benefit of the IoT revolution.
The kit is made up of two parts – a pre-configured microcontroller development board and a sensor expansion board, which fit together and can be connected to the net via an ethernet cable and other computer equipment via USB link.
The dev board consists of ARM’s Cortex-M4 processor and a small amount of built-in memory which can be dedicated to perform a single task. The sensory board consists of a thermometer, accelerometer, two potentiometers, a buzzer, a small joystick, an LED light and an LCD display.
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Owners of the device can access the data being recorded by the device in real time by logging onto IBM’s site with the device’s credentials. Users will in turn be able to analyze the data using tools created by IBM and various other firms, and use online programs to control other Internet connected devices.
Smart lighting systems, a set of smart mouse traps that let a janitor know which traps had been triggered to save time checking each and every one of them, are a few examples of what’s possible to do with the starter kit.

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