A Look at IBM GEP Finalists From Chennai, Kochi And Hyderabad [Enterprise Startups]

This year IBM Global Entrepreneur Program is being held across 9 cities in India, namely Kochi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi.

Besides introduction to VCs and IBM Execs, a CIO Startup connect round will also be held. This is open for startups less than 5 years, and who have a product or platform for enterprises across any Industry or Technologies.

Here are the finalists from Kochi, Hyderabad and Chennai. Next up is Pune (deadline : Oct 24th/apply).

Kochi Enterprise Startups

Realeffecx Technolabs

We provide a platform for the user to customize apparels in real 3d with a simple interface. The user can search for the required dress type and modify it in the web browser in the way he/she wants and then get it done by a designer.

Agrima Infotech

We are making smarter application by the help of Artificial intelligence. It will create its own model by training instead of creating handwritten models so it will be a big game changer in IT industries. Our product can identify the Objects in images.

Finahub Technology Solutions

We solve the customer on-boarding challenges of Business houses. Normally it takes from few hours to days to on-board a customer, due to regulatory paperwork. Our market include almost all B2C players who needs at-least a signature from the customer to give solution. We saves the customer on-boarding time almost 90%.


Passenger car maintenance/servicing portal.

Indunia RealTech

We solve the problem of identifying quality leads, managing it and getting the lead to a closure in the rental/real estate space.

Chennai Enterprise Startups:


Tagalys allows online retailers to fully customize their site search, product recommendations, merchandising, and product sorting functionalities, along with tag based reporting and analytics.

Appiyo Technologies

Actionable (Structured) Messaging. We have enterprise instant messengers handling unstructured messaging today.. These are bi-directional machine readable messages generated with instant messengers. Key features that make this possible are “loaded buttons”, “forms shipping” & “embedded commands”. The solution has the potential to bring about a behavioral change in how we interact with the computing world using actionable messaging with-in instant messengers.


vidCampaign is a new age video email marketing platform for effective customer communication and sales enablement. vidCampaign allows businesses to reach their customers in a whole new engaging and a personalized way. The video emails sent through vidCampaign assure 100% deliverability and the state-of-the-art analytics will allow you to monitor the end-to-end engagement of the video and the email.


Hasuradb solves the application development problem. India has about 1.5 to 2 million engineering graduates every year trying to get into the lucrative IT market, but suffering from lack of experience and quality education. Hasurabdb allows developers to build powerful and robust – enterprise ready applications extremely fast. It will make a developer write code as if after years of experience.

Graaby Tech

Graaby Rewards: Universal NFC (Near Field Communication) based reward platform on cloud which allows businesses to increase &retain their customer base at lower cost. Platform helps businesses increase in annual revenues via better customer retention & acquisition rates along with business intelligence reporting and predictions.

Hyderabad Enterprise Startups


StoreONGO aims to be the mobile first power listing platform for 20+ Million businesses and professionals with their products, offers and services by delivering Mobile presence for businesses.


Road Transportation industry in India is highly fragmented and unorganized. Therefore, players find it difficult to get reliable customers or suppliers at Right Price at Right Time at Right Location. Many times, trucks have to wait for long duration or return empty resulting into lower truck utilization. The industry size is estimated at US$ 36 billion.


In emerging markets, marketers face the grueling challenge of engaging and promoting to a diverse demographic consumer base. On an average 92% of the trade in most emerging economies like india happens through unorganized retail, consumers buying from mom and pop shops which have no connectivity like a PoS to recognize a shopper, engage and reward her/him. These are the rural markets On the other hand urban markets (cities) are radically different, where the organized retail has the capability to engage with shoppers. This calls for a homogenous / omni-channel which has the capability to engage shoppers incoming in from both rural and urban markets.


The platform connects transportation service providers in real-time with SME’s who need their services using GPS technology. By reducing empty trips and waiting time, we increase the revenue for the driver.

Goose Tec

Harmony automates the entire label and artwork management collaboration process in real time. The system allows you to link checklist points directly to the regulatory guidelines which are used to review the artwork such as critical checks for brand elements, regulatory guidelines around content, accuracy of dates and manufacturing details etc. The system has an inbuilt proof-reader (text and pixel) to compare the print ready artwork to the approved master file. Reports and dashboards can be generated for performance management and business metric analysis.

The 3 Regional Finals Schedule is below –

1) South Regional Finals would be in Bangalore on November 6th

2) North and East Regional Finals would be in Delhi on November 20th.

3) West Regional Finals would be in Mumbai on December 4th

The Grand Finale would be on 12th December, in Bangalore

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