IBM GEP India SmartCamp – A List Of Shortlisted Startup Companies [15/30]

IBM SmartCamp judges the best startups in different cities around India, rewarding the winners with mentoring services, access to industry experts and deeper partnership opportunities with IBM.


IBM GEP Startup Camp is India’s first B2B startup competition held by a corporate company. IBM SmartCamps are exclusive events aimed at identifying early stage entrepreneurs who are developing business ventures that align with IBM’s strategy. After judging different startups across various cities in India, the top 30 shortlisted startups in the B2B space would be host a pitching session before a Panel of Top IBM Execs and VCs, on October 9th in Bangalore. Here is list of the 15 out of the 30 shortlisted startups:

Senzit Solutions Pvt. Limitedesenzit


Senzit Solutions is a global software products, solutions, service consultancy firm founded in Brisbane in 2007.

Senzith Solutions have developed two products, EVIDENCER for justice and CYBERCLAZ for smarter education sectors, among others, with custom hardware. With the Digitization Strategy  and Audio, all Kinds of Data ( Audio , video , Text , Images )  generated in classrooms and courtrooms are digitized  and securely saved by EVIDENCER and CYBERCLAZ. These data are used to create analytic reports that help in decision making.

The solution work on IBM enterprise mobility, WebSphere, Cognos , Big data and Cloud.



LogiNext is a logistics tracking service. LogiNext combines the technology for its tracker and data visualization solution to help logistic companies with their operations.

LogiNext has two products – Track-A-Pack, a match-box sized GPS trackers which tracks courier bags and high value assets in real time. The real time location data is used to analyze the delivery paths, routes and stoppages and help clients calculate KPIs for delivery network.

Second product, Track-Last-Mile is an android based mobile app which tracks the delivery boys and on the field sales force to get real time visibility into intra-city operations. Again, this data is used to perform route optimization, job scheduling, and workload balancing.

LogiNext products work on Java, JavaScript, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, MongoDB, Google Maps, D3.js, Amazon Web Services. The firm has FlyKing Couriers, S P Jewelers, Ecom Express, as their clients.

Loginext is based out of California, USA and Mumbai, India.

BlazeClan Technologies Private Limitedblaze


BlazeClan offers Consulting & Services for AWS Cloud to Enterprises, SMEs & Start-ups to help them Build and Deliver concepts to Market.

Cloudlytics is BalzeClan’s popular SaaS Product which helps analyze AWS CloudFront & S3 Logs so to optimize end user experience. This Big Data Analytics Tool is completely running on AWS Cloud. Cloudlytics’ Interactive Reports for Analytics is what sets them apart from the rest.

Cloudlytics uses a Elastic Map Reduce cluster, as it provides rapid scalability which is required to handle huge amount of data. Along with custom jobs, it also uses third party transformation tools & in-memory database to map raw log data to required information & optimize the processing time respectively. The processed data is then stored in a petabyte scale data warehouse solution Redshift. Using Redshift Cloudlytics is able to minimize query time when customers login to their dashboards to get analytics. Cloudlytics runs on Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, EC2, S3 and Redis.

BlazeClan is headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India and has offices in Belgium, Canada, Singapore,

and United States.

Findability Sciencesfindability


Findability Sciences is a Big Data company. Findability platform is a technology which integrates structured and unstructured internal data (from previously siloed databases, certificates and documents, etc.), along with data found online, to help see a complete picture of the organization.

For the purpose of Impact measurement, Findability has developed the IMA App. One of the biggest challenges for measuring impact is that the vast majority of data is unstructured narrative. This results in lengthy reports which are not read, or read only in part.

IMA app is the latest app being developed using Watson¼ to make sure impact is measured and analyzed as fast as possible, from thousands of unstructured documents with least involvement of human resources. No special training or skills are required to make use of the application. The application consumes content within and outside the organization. The user can then just ask the question via any convenient method – a text message, web search or access through SugarCRM.

IMA App works on IBM Watson, Data Explorer & Big Insight.

Findability Solutions is headquartered in Massachusetts USA and has offices at Florida, Aurangabad amd Mumbai.

Stelae Technologiesstelae


Stelae Technologies is a software vendor in the Information Management sector.

Steale’s product Khemeia is currently licensed by some of the world’s largest publishers and BPOs. The company is privately funded by a network of Business Angels in France, UK, Switzerland and India, and has been awarded multiple innovation grants from the French government.

Khemeia is an automated solution (on the cloud and on-site for defence implémentations) which enables an end to end work-flow in the transformation space. With over 70% of cost savings over current solutions, Khemeia enables rapid turn-around times and is ONE PLATFORM for multiple types of inputs (PDF, Word, ASCII, etc), converting them to multiple output formats (XML, S1000d, XBRL, etc)

Khemeia uses the content analyses algorithms to combine multiple non-semantic analytic methodologies.

The company has offices in Chennai, London and Paris. The firm’s clients include Indian Air Force (with Wipro as the SI), Rolls Royce Aerospace (UK), Wolters Kluwer (US), DCNS (France), Deutsche Bank (UK), Price Waterhouse (Ireland) and many more.

Digital Future of Education Private Limiteddfoe


Digital Future of Education Private Limited is a company committed to the development of technology products for use in the educational sector.

Currently DFOE believes Internet/Intranet as a connectivity constraint for intra-classroom digital interactions as this is what prevents devices from replacing books. With DFOE’s Educational suite on patented connectivity platform, it closes the learning loop in every single class session paving the way for TRUE TABLET based education.

The service runs on Native Java Apps on Android. Architecture is using TCP/IP – UDP – WiFi. The firm is based out of Bangalore, India and their service is currently being used at Dayanand Sagar Business Academy, Bangalore, Malik Deenar Institute of Management Studies, Kasaragod,  Justice K.S. Hegde Institute of Management(NITTE), Udupi and SDM, Mangalore.

Zenatix Solutions Pvt. Ltd.zenatix


Zenatix is an energy analytics company that help clients understand their power consumption pattern and the way they interact with their buildings. Using analytics, insights are then provided to help clients save energy, and make their buildings smart working environment.

Zenatix installs energy monitoring equipment such as smart meters and controllers along with cloud based software for real time monitoring of energy consumption. The data from smart meters is stored in the cloud, and can be visualized on our software. Zenatix runs advanced analytics on the collected data and also recommend energy saving measures & benchmarks consumptions.

Zenatix runs on Python, open source timeseries database, Apache and Javascript. The firm is headquartered at Gurgaon, India and has Majestic Auto Limited, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Sellowrap Manufacturing Private Limited, Girnar Software Private Limited, UnitedLex India, Manikaran Wind Power Limited, Karytron Electrical Industries  and  Motherson Sumi Infotech and Designs Limited as their clients.

Drona Mobiledrona


DRONA Mobile is an enterprise mobile engagement platform. The core focuses being mobile learning and mobile engagement platform for businesses. DronaHQ is an enterprise mobility product for learning, training, communication and other multimedia delivery platform.

DronaHQ is an app builder for Enterprise grade apps, without coding. It’s a simple drag drop app creator with a built-in CMS. DronaHQ has served more than 40 customers who have created apps for Employees, Distributors, shareholders, franchisees, customers and a lot more. The apps created are native apps across Blackberry, Android, Apple, Blackberry 10. Some of the use cases for which customers have created apps range from employee engagement, learning and training, Lead management systems, communication channel, distributor management, feet on street communication, leadership development, balanced scorecard, shop floor updates etc from domains ranging from BFSI, Manufacturing, IT/ITES to Retail.

Drona runs on Microsoft, JavaScript, MySQL, mongodb, angular js, elastic search, android, iOS, blackberry, windows 8 and blackberry 10.

Drona Mobile is headquartered in Mumbai, India and has corporates like WIPRO, GENPACT, ICICI, AXIS Mutual Funds, ESSAR, Aegon Religar, TATA Steel as their client.



Global ITES Pvt. Ltd. is a premier IT service providing company. Digging into the fact that here weren’t many companies which offered quality IT solutions services such as designing, developing or other IT services to their clients, Global ITES Pvt. Ltd. aims at helping small as well as medium sized companies by providing latest innovative affordable web solutions and services.

The firm works on Website designing, Website development, E- commerce solutions, Software development, Internet marketing and Mobile applications.

Globals focuses on the Private & Public K-12 Education. Their flagship product Educube ERP has helped K-12 Educational Institutions in India and abroad to streamline their academic and administrative processes, bridge the communication between all stakeholders such as Parents, Teachers, Students, Alumni and School Administrators. They have also been able to integrate Educube, a cloud / SaaS based ERP & Social Learning Suite for schools with IBM Cognos, to give analytics to the decision makers and teachers in Schools to help them personalize lesson plans to every students based on their performance, analyze drop-outs, understanding teacher effectiveness, collaboration between teachers and better knowledge management, parent-teacher engagement for remedial programs for students, student-alumni engagement for mentorship programs, etc.

Educube works on, C#, HTML5, WCF, Cognos, MS SQL and Amazon EC2 Cloud. The firm has offices in Ghaziabad, India and Maryland, USA. Clients include City Montessori Schools, Presidency Schools, Bangalore, Kangroo Kids, Mumbai, Viraj Shri Ram Schools across India, Ambuja Vidyaniketan across India, Yuva Bharathi International School, Singapore and Yuva Bharathi International School, Coimbatore.

SPRIN Technosys Private Limitedsprin


SPRIN stands for Systems, Products , Research And Information Solutions and is a Mobile Apps Development Company Experts in Sencha Touch & IBM Worklight to develop secure Mobile apps in iOS, Android & Windows.

SPRIN has developed the MRMS app – an employee mobile portal for existing HR systems.  The app grants mobile access to the existing HR solutions and is highly secure built on Sencha touch with IBM worklight. The app can be accessed anywhere, anytime from a smart phone.

The App is designed to run on any mobile environment and can be used by operatives of a company to send and receive leave requests, cab requests, claim requests, access payroll on hand device, income tax, daily logs or simply attendance, profile information, workplace that provides the contacts of operative’s work place, and in fact raise the ticket. It is a single sign-in mobile application, where employees of an organization can access their official information both online and offline.

The app runs on IBM worklight 6.2, Sencha touch 2.3.2 (MVC). The firm is headquartered in Bangalore, India and the app is currently pilot testing with ALP consulting Bangalore and MFAR holdings Bangalore.

Algo Engines Pvt. Ltd.algo


Algo Engines is a wind turbine portfolio management and performance improvement solution. Wind turbines are one of the best use cases of the “Internet of Things”, with over 200 sensors in each turbine, a single turbine can generate over 1 Tera Byte of data in a week. Algo Engines uses the data generated by a turbine to help wind turbine owners/operators/investors increase turbine performance.

Algo uses visualization, big data analytics and advanced data mining models to deliver 5% to 10% revenue increase for its clients.

Algo Engines work on C# .NET, SQL, Time series data base, R & Google charting. The firm is based in Mumbai, India.



Wolken ServiceDesk is an easy to use, fully integrated ITIL compliant software that enterprise users can access via the internet to track and manage incidents, change requests, service requests and CMDB. This SaaS has a secure and scalable ITSM architecture that delivers reports, analysis and dashboards. Besides saving significant Capex and Opex, it helps in improving and maintaining the ITSM framework thereby focusing on increasing end-user productivity and satisfaction.

The firm is is headquartered in Bangalore, India.

Interview Master Technology Solutions Pvt LtdIM


Interview Master is a screening tool which helps organizations screen candidates before an in-person meeting.

Interview Master’s platform helps organizations leverage technologies like Internet, Video, Mobile and Analytics to solve hiring challenges and make it more efficient and effective. The common challenges are poor candidate quality, logistics, difficulty in attracting good candidates, candidate fraud, lack of analysis leading to poor decision making etc.

The IM suite of tools based on proprietary technologies focus on helping organizations assess job candidates remotely via internet on platforms including mobile using methods which are efficient than traditional methods while ensuring that all assessments are proctored eliminating malpractices. The analytics help evaluate the effectiveness of the processes and improve them for better results.

Interview Master runs on PHP(LAMP), Flash, Html5. The firm is based in Bangalore, India.

Green Cosmos Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd

URL: cosmos

Green Cosmos, has developed the Real-Time Energy Analytics software, “RealNatics 1.0” Powered by SAP HANA.

RealNatics 1.0 tracks, analyzes and optimizes energy use for multi-site businesses, manufacturing industries,  hospitals, institutions. Based on their energy consumption and location we help them optimize their PV rooftop solar panel installations.

By using Predictive analytics with SAP HANA, each business unit is able to predict its solar power production in real time and plan its power purchase from the grid on a daily basis. The solution also enables the business unit to track, analyze and optimize its CO2 emissions and integrate with the Renewable Energy Resource, Rooftop Solar Panels.

The interactive “Energy Dashboard” gives the user an interactive tool to view the energy usage, CO2 emission and solar energy production and integration with conventional energy in real-time.


All interested startups can attend the Closing Ceremony on October 10th, 6:00 pm onwards at Royal Orchid, Domaluru, Bangalore. The registration form for the closing ceremony can be filled up here.


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