IBM GEP India SmartCamp – A List Of Shortlisted Startup Companies

This list contains the shortlisted startups for the IBM GEP India SmartCamp. The previous list contained 15 of the total selected startup. This list adds to that.








Instasafe is a Cloud Security Startup focusing on enabling businesses to adopt cloud computing technologies and applications safely and securely. The company envisions providing a secure and safe cloud platform, acting as an intermediary addressing all the concerns for cloud adoption. For distributed businesses that run a centralized application InstaSafe provides secure remote access solutions.

The firm is based in Bangalore India.

Better-Life Solutions LLPbetterlife


Better Life Solutions (Better-Life) is a Mobile Cloud Computing application development company that specializes in Mobile Application Development and Software Product Development on the Cloud. Better-Life delivers business-changing mobile software products to its customers. Better Life specializes in creating iPhone and Android Mobile applications. Better Life currently enables printing of reports generated by Pathology Labs. It also helps maintain customer relations at a one on one level.

The firm is based in Mumbai Maharashtra and currently has Thyrocare Technologies Limited,  Sakra World Hospital, Nightingale Home Care Services and Tiwary Clinical Laboratories as its clients.

AdSparx USA Inc


AdSparx enables monetization for Linear TV, Live Events and On-demand Videos delivered through the Internet by the use of targeted, in-stream Video Ads. AdSparx uses advanced algorithms and patent-pending techniques to deliver targeted, high impact & quality video Ads that works across all Internet devices, ranging from low-end feature phones, smart devices, tablets, PCs, IP Set top boxes and Connected TVs.


AdSparx caters to the Internet Video publishers and drastically reduces their time-to-market, with its ease of integration and device agnostic solution. AdSparx uses Ad Networks and Exchanges to enable Ad sales and achieve higher revenues for the Publisher’s inventory.

Adsparx is based in Pune India.

Dia-Treat healthcare Technologies

Dr.Assist is a smart health care assistant to solve complex diagnosis and treatment problems through automation.  It is cloud based real-time diagnosis and treatment solutions provider.  Dr.Assist amplifies doctor’s expertise echelons, thus helping them to provide better diagnosis and treatments.  It iconfies patients, by enabling them to receive tailored treatments.  It is empowered by cutting edge and innovative deep learning capabilities to learn from big  health care content, multiple  cases, and many images and turn the learned knowledge into solutions for discovery.

Dr. Assist runs on Natural Language Processing, Machine learning, Computer vision, Deep learning, Semantic(s) and Expert system.



Shopsense is a platform that enables retailers to become more customer centric in the way they create, package and provide a shopping experience. Shopsense supplements the retailer’s current offerings by opening up a new and smart method to deepen its customer engagement. It complements sales representatives that form the backbone of a service offering and also doubles up as a go-to-system for customers exploring stores.

The firm has three products – Match, which is an in-store engagement platform. Built on large capacitive touchscreens, customers can easily browse products, search/discover new ones, and share with friends for feedback via email or social networks.

React – Prop an item on React and see it come alive describing the product. React helps engage and educate customers in stores like never before. It also helps empower customer representatives to sell more and faster.

LemurTM, which is a semantic search, discovery and recommendation engine, seeds new products to cover depth and breadth of the product inventory. Its recommendations are based on a user’s shopping journey. Lemur’s job is to help customers navigate across the depth and breadth of the product inventory.

Shopsense is based in Mumbai, India.



Qurater is a company that delivers a unique end to end technology solution that can discover, curate, personalize, and socialize content, relevant to a business that is dependent on any kind of data aggregation and analysis. QURATER translates social, web conversations to actionable sales leads, customer issues and brand insights, allowing businesses to act in real time.

Qurater Business Edge (QBE) mines social platforms and any web site for feedback, queries, complaints. This classification of conversations is based on industry specific filters and Natural language processing techniques to discover context & insights.

There are 3 key capabilities QBE offers

  1. Sales leads – mine for purchase intent and integration into existing CRM solutions
  2. Customer Care – service framework for representatives
  3. Brand insights for tracking your competition and getting feedback about your product.

QBE offers a framework with techniques, technologies & business rules for customer service & sales representatives to engage with customers in real time.

Pinovus Consulting


The platform/solution leverages technology to extract data across multiple sources in an enterprise intelligently (with relevant domain knowledge) and sets up a metadata model which can then be used for reporting and analytics needs of the organisation. The emphasis on understanding domain is the differentiator and makes the cost of compliance and reporting optimal by deriving value from the extraction of data to the extent possible.Pinovous has two products – Compass and Mosaic.

Compass is built with focus on RBI & IRDA regulatory requirements. COMPASS can integrate with multiple core banking systems and other banking products to extract the relevant data for regulatory reporting. It also provides the base for an analytics framework for MIS reports required by senior management for better decision making. COMPASS has been leveraged for NICB in Mumbai and positioned for several IT service companies.

The firm was founded in 2012 and is based out of Bangalore, India.

Trendwise Analytics


Trendwise Analytics is a Big Data firm, formed by a group of technocrats whose experiences from the industry forms a strong foundation of the company. The founder members of Trendwise had been a part of early CRM evolution and hence establishes an authority over CRM analytics. The firm focuses on the newer aspects of analytics which is yet to come of age. While Hadoop, Cloud Computing, BigData analytics form the technological basis for Trendwise, the domain focus is on predictive aspect of analytics which would create insights for customers.

Trendwise provides end to end Hadoop and Big Data services and solutions.

Services include:

  1. Hadoop environment – Cloudera, Hortonworks, SAP HANA
  2. End to end project execution, Application development
  3. Training
  4. Visulaization – Tableau
  5. Advanced Statistical and predictive analytics – SAS/R

Big Data Solutions include:

  1. Fraud detection
  2. Television Audience Measurement
  3. 360 degree customer view
  4. Social media sentiment analysis
  5. HR Analytics – Employee sentiment

Trendwise solutions run on IBM BigInsights and InfoSteams. The firm is based out of Bangalore, India.

Ideyeah Solutions LLP.


IdeYEAH Solutions offers consulting services and software products that simplify business processes. IdeYeah’s  decision support solution opTEAMize attempts to disrupt the space currently occupied by Services Resource Planning & Professional Services Automation enabling Resource Management & Delivery teams in IT companies to keep track of the various project financials and skills required therein.

Other features include a comprehensive IT Skill library, Competency assessment of Global IT frameworks, Project allocation and quote wizard.

OpTEAMize runs on IBM Cloudant DBaaS – NoSQL Document database, Angular.js – Front end, Node.js – Server side, IBM Websphere Cast Iron – Integration & UI mashups and IBM SoftLayer – Cloud Hosting.

The firm is based in Chennai, India.

Gray Routes Innovative Distribution LLP

URL: routes

Gray Routes designs and deploys novel GPS-based mobile app solutions with cloud-hosted Analytics server that automates critical supply chain logistics & distribution processes intelligently, bringing Sales, Delivery & Retail iQ at the fingertips of its clients.

Founded by IIT KGP-IIM Ahmedabad alumni and ex-IIT Bombay startup leader with experience in Fortune 500 firms such as HUL, Nvidia and Google, Gray Routes is angel-funded by leading investors from The Carlyle Group, Qualcomm and Intel.

One of their products, GrayFOS Sales Force Automation solution is a location intelligence based Mobile app solution for Enterprise Field force. It automates order-taking, CRM, Asset scanning, Map-based search, Optimal routes, Auto-addressing with landmarks, real-time fleet and transaction tracking, with insta-cloud printing and other features that make it a modern day distribution tool for fmcg, pharma, durables, and other retail firms. All GrayFOS orders integrate with GrayDrop Delivery ERP or legacy ERP.

GrayFOS provides sales intelligence on the go using real time location & sales analytics built on the cloud. GrayDrop solves the data gap problem in delivery compliance using a Cloud-based Delivery Force Automation software for Enterprises. It provides a unique one-stop solution for handling the most important logistical challenges of the order fulfilment process – delivery scheduling, delivery routing, GPS route navigation, proof of delivery, fleet management & Analytics, expense management on the go. As they work on an easy Pay-as-you-Go model without ANY internet and hardware commitments, clients have an easy choice to try using both to serve their service-hungry customers better or get trumped by competition.

GrayFOS runs on Google App Engine, PHP, Javascript, Cloud Storage, Big Query, Compute Engine, Face recognition, Patent-filed for interface, road quality, POS ads and map-based geo-visual search.

The firm is based in Mumbai India and has clients such as Proctor & Gamble, GSK, Nivea, Pace Logistics, Vinay Switches, Elephant Paste Products, Bank of India, event management, QSR firms and several hundred retailers, courier and transport associations among others.



Vymo builds Mobile First solutions for driving sales force productivity with minimalist apps that collect simple data on sales process, competition and market. The analytics platform converts these into powerful recommendations that are delivered to various decision makers, helping them respond quickly and smartly to the market.

Vymo helps improve the productivity of large distributed field forces in emerging markets likeInsurance, Telecom, Healthcare, Consumer, Agribusinesses etc through real time recommendation and decision analytics, Gamification, Geo-analytics,  all of which are delivered via a lightweight mobile front-end app.

VYmo runs on Android, Node.JS, MongoDB and Heroku on AWS. The firm is based out of Bangalore.

LoudCell Technologies Pvt Ltd.


LoudCell iFMS/iEMS (intelligent Fuel & Energy Management System) products help diesel generator owners save diesel costs, reduce wastage, improve efficiency and control pilferage.

The technology is IoT and SaaS based. LoudCell smart and Internet connected sensors process data, transmit meaningful information to the cloud, and present to the user actionable intelligence and analytics via dashboard, reports and alerts. The solution helps customers reduce wastage of diesel and energy.

LoudCell runs on IoT, Cloud, Internet connected sensors, wireless/GPRS, embedded & microprocessors. The firm is based out of Gurgaon, India , Santa Clara, CA, USA and Beijing, China. Clients include Unitech, Minda corporation, JTekt Sona (a Sona group company), etc.

FixNix Inc


FixNix GRC is a SaaS based GRC solution for SMBs and Enterprises for automating complex Information Security workflows like Audit, Risk, Policy, Incident and Asset etc. This will help the CxO teams of the company to stay noticed about their compliance levels and gives great insights towards their organisations with intuitive dashboards. By this product the InfoSec overhead will be reduced by 70% and organizations can see immediate ROIs.

FixNix runs on Ruby on Rails, Windows Azure, Big Data and Analytics, Python, Postgresql and MongoDB. The firm is based out of Hyderabad, India. FixNix is operational at Mphasis, Cipla, and  E&Y.

Vitamap Software Solutions Pvt Ltd


Vitamap is a Business Transformation partner for enterprise customers in India for their Field Service Management.

Vitamap’s Cloudtrac (Hosted Web platform) and mEdge (Mobile App) platform simplifies and improves operational efficiency of Field Service Operations.

mEdge runs on Java, Android and iOS platoforms.The solution is being offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) in India and ASEAN markets.

The solution increases field work force’s productivity, increases operational efficiency, reduces costs, provides competitive edge to our customers and enables growth. The solution is applicable for services of all products in the field by Field Service Engineers for break-fix and Preventive Maintenance (PM) calls.

The firm is based out of Bangalore, India and has 3000+ active user base and paying customers (including Fortune 500 companies) across India and South Asian countries.

A3 Remote Monitoring Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


A3 Remote Monitoring Technology (A3 RMT) is a company which has been formed by recognizing a confluence of two powerful global trends:

  • Demographic trend – A global rise in population of patients with critical, chronic and emergency conditions.
  • Pharmaco-Economic trend – A huge increase in healthcare costs.

In response to this scenario, A3 (“Anywhere Anytime Access”) with its current operations in India (where the company is head quartered) has created a global opportunity to radically alter the delivery of critical life saving health care monitoring and preventive diagnostic capabilities at much lower price-performance points by innovative synthesis of digital signal processing, image processing, biomedical components, algorithms, wireless and communication technologies. The first sets of solutions are in the realm of wireless remote patient monitoring.

A3RMT works on Ubuntu operating system, My-SQL RDBMS, Languages – C, C++, Java, Python and other tools like Matlab. The firm is based in Mumbai, India.

All interested startups can attend the Closing Ceremony on October 10th, 6:00 pm onwards at Royal Orchid, Domaluru, Bangalore. The registration form for the closing ceremony can be filled up here.


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