IBM GEP Smartcamp To Commence South Regional Finals Today In Bangalore, Registrations For Delhi And Mumbai Open


IBM GEP Smartcamp To Commence South Regional Finals Today In Bangalore, Registrations For Delhi And Mumbai Open

The IBM GEP Smartcamp held across several cities in the South has announced the Regional Finalists. There are 15 B2B Startups chosen to showcase their applications today at Bangalore.

Smartcamp is also conducting their competition in Delhi and Mumbai as well. The last date of registrations for the Delhi event is November 14th and for Mumbai is November 20th.

Following Are The Bangalore Regional Finalists:
StoreONGO (“ONGO”) is a platform through which businesses (whether small, medium or large) can generate Mobile Apps (Native and Web) and Business Pages through five simple steps without knowing coding or technology ONGO platform provides two Apps (i) Admin App – for business owners and (ii) Consumer App – for customers of business In addition, ONGO offers important analytics for the businesses and helps them stay one step ahead.

Meltag’s is used by marketers of leading brand to weave a seamless shopper engagement workflow and provide an omni-channel experience across Text (SMS), Voice (IVR/Missed Call), Twitter, FB, PoS and mobile apps. Meltag’s consumer insights platform helps companies Map and process external research data (offline) and digital consumer interactions using machine learning to segment, target and profile consumers.

The platform would capture insights / data points such as Demographic Age, Income Group, Marital Status, Education, Family Size, Gender, Geographic Location, Social Circles, Occupation Psychographic Brand Preferences, Price Sensitivity, Conservative/Liberal, Green Consious , Hobbies, Lifestyle, Information Sources, Service Preference, Buying trends, Spontaneous, Risk Aversion, Loyalty and Likes & Dislikes Behavioral (Native Brand engagement data) Purchase History, Where they shop, Preferred Medium/ Connect Channel, Store preferences, Membership Affinity , Internet Usage, Impulsiveness, Social/ Sharing Index

The resulting information / Consumer Insights would be used by brands for : 1) New Product / Service launch 2) Re-marketing initiatives for retention 3) Up-Sell and Cross-Sell 4) User Acquisition 5) Predictive retention rewards and targeted re-marketing.

The platform connects transportation service providers in real-time with SME’s who need their services using GPS technology. By reducing empty trips and waiting time, they increase the revenue for the driver.

Harmony automates the entire label and artwork management collaboration process in real time. The system allows you to link checklist points directly to the regulatory guidelines which are used to review the artwork such as critical checks for brand elements, regulatory guidelines around content, accuracy of dates and manufacturing details etc. The system has an inbuilt proof-reader (text and pixel) to compare the print ready artwork to the approved master file. Reports and dashboards can be generated for performance management and business metric analysis. The system is also integrated with the document management system to manage the history of documents for later reuse.

The enterprise security features of the platform enables the administrator to control the access of third party vendors and users (internal and external) based on several parameters such as timezone, device accessibility etc. It has been validated by all the existing clients and is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 guidelines of FDA. The platform also has a regulatory information system that keeps track of product registrations and renewals.

Medibox Technologies LLP
Medibox is a location based “Healthcare Information & Analytics Platform” for digitally connected devices. This on-demand SaaS (software as a service) platform on cloud uses collaborative intelligence to provide real-time visibility and accurate information on healthcare, medicines and medical services. This end-to-end information aggregator provides insights, root cause analytics & response management tools.

The services are free for individuals & patients. Pharma and healthcare stakeholders use its enterprise version. They have listed over 1,70,000 pharmacies, 12,000 distributors and 500 pharmaceutical companies that supplier over 100K brands. They claim their listing using an authenticated procedure. The platform provides various tools such as to develop digital network for supply chain, campaigns, brand promotions and analytics in integrated system. Pharmaceutical supply chain is highly fragmented due to which there is inaccessibility of data at secondary sales information. They solve this problem by creating digital supply chain that complements existing physical supply chain.

Tagalys allows online retailers to increase revenues, by providing features that enhance user engagement and conversions. The market is worth $10B to $15B in North America.

Appiyo Technologies
The platform introduces 3 unique capabilities – “Loaded Buttons”, provided the ability to send programmed buttons along with messages. Pressing the button triggers a predefined business logic. For example the buttons can be used to approve tasks, make payment, etc – “Forms Shipping”, provides the ability to send user experience (UI) forms along with messages. These forms can be used to collect data and perform a configured task. – “Embedded Commands”, provides the ability to send commands as text messages which will interpreted by an engine at the back end and perform a programmed routine.

The platform/solutions is also supported by a frugal BPM engine on the cloud which engages with the messenger to make these actionable tasks happen. The BPM engine is a first of its kind which comes under 10MB memory footprint and is able to exist with-in cloud containers. The BPM engine also easily integrates the messenger with enterprise systems.

Whatfix (Quicko Technosoft Labs Pvt Ltd)
With Whatfix anyone can create interactive guides, which provides step by step instructions right inside the applications helping users complete a task, whereby encouraging self-learning and increasing engagement. Interactive guides with Whatfix can be created in just few clicks (under 5 mins) and integrated across all user touch points as slideshow, articles, videos, widgets and links and helping organizations to tremendously improve training and documentation efficiency.

Lightmetrics (Kaalbi Technologies Pvt Ltd)
ShieldSquare’s revolutionary technology helps detect bot patterns using a seamless API+JavaScript integration approach. Websites are empowered in real-time to stop the bot traffic and ensure their business is protected. The technology is a combination of dynamic bot challenge system(non intrusive to the user), behaviour pattern analysis, device and network profiling from where the website is accessed to identify, detect, assess and protect against bot activity on the website.

Worxogo solutions Pvt. Ltd.
The conceptual underpinning of Worxogo product has 3 pillars—Enterprise Design Thinking (the Intersection of business, people and technology frames), – Behaviour Design ( including deployment of game mechanics) and – Digital Technology (that engages the individual and enables their actions). Their proprietary PersuAct Engine works on the convergence of these three pillars to drive a successful enterprise transformation initiative. Their PersuAct Engine has currently been deployed across 3 areas – Sales Transformation, Supplier Transformation and Innovation management.

Trans Neuron Technologies
The platform on one side helps in developing better Engineering Students by providing – Free Industry Specific Courses on Emerging Technologies plus their regular engineering subjects – Power to practice Labs 24 x 7, by bringing all Computer Science programming labs on the cloud – Industry Projects and Internships – Online Tuition classes and on the other hand, connect the students with Industry leaders, Counsellors and HRs for giving guidance on – Higher Studies – Jobs and – Startup. They are alos integrating their platform with IBM Watson to bring analytics to learning and with IBM Bluemix to help them develop their ideas into products and then connect them to VCs and Angel investors.

Flutura Business Solutions Private Limited
Flutura aims to build Cerebra NanoApps for the energy industry using IOT data. These NanoApps are small footprint business applications solving targeted business problems.

Pickcel is “the Inmobi of Public Screens”. They are aiming to create an Ad aggregation platform through which advertisers can come to platform and create campaign in the Public Screens. The platform also enables Publishers (with public digital displays) to easily plug in their digital screens to the platform and start earning revenue. Pickcel IOS (Internet of Screen) solution has two parts – 1) Pickcel Manager that provides advertisers a dashboard to launch their Advertisement and manage them. 2) Pickcel Player is that can be connected to TV or TAB or mobile to play advertisement at specific time-slot.

Preksh Innovations Pvt Ltd

Preksh offer “Visual Commerce Marketplace” – a patented (files) technology – which enables consumers to virtually walk-through real-life stores and shop for their favorite products online. Their platform helps to engage with the customers online apart from store brand promotion and driving more footfalls to offline stores.

Parablu, Inc.
ParaBlu’s CASB is a software based solution which works in tandem with data management applications like Backup/Recovery and EFSS to ensure that any data persisted in cloud storage outside the enterprise is encrypted with keys known only to the enterprise. A good analogy is to think of a safe deposit locker that one may rent at a bank. A customer who rents such a locker never really places his/her trust in the bank entirely – he/she always brings home a key which ensures that the locker cannot be opened in their absence. Digital assets that enterprises store in the cloud are similarly valuable and unless they use a CASB solution like ParaBlu, they’re leaving the keys with the “bank” (in this case the cloud vendor). To be truly secure the enterprise needs to have exclusive access to the keys that will unlock those digital assets – and that’s what ParaBlu ensures.

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