IBM Launches Voice Analytics Service on SAAS Model [Sentimental Analysis]

IBM Research has launched VOCE, Voice of the Customer Analytics that will enable firms to mine customer voice data (audio recordings, call transcripts, emails, survey results and demographic data) to deliver a single, integrated view of customer sentiment to improve marketing effectiveness, enhance customer service and grow customer loyalty.

IBM VOCA is designed to help enable businesses to better identify and manage factors critical to customer satisfaction by pinpointing the root causes of negative service experiences. Through a dynamic analysis process that maintains strict customer confidentiality, IBM VOCA can identify overall trends and highlight a specific product or service-related problem, as well as reveal issues in the dialog between customers and the customer care representatives. With these insights, businesses can rapidly take actions such as adjusting call scripts or providing staff with new information before customer issues become widespread.-details

While traditional customer analytics is limited to the static analysis of factors like call handling time and hold times, IBM VOCA can help businesses understand trends and most importantly, the sentimental analysis of dialogue between customer and the service rep.

Delivered as SAAS (software as a service), IBM also plans to add speech recognition to VOCE.

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