IBM’s HSTP – Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol for the Talking Web

IBM India has fructified it’s Talking Web protocol (read IBM’s ‘High Five’ List of Innovations (that can change the world)) by developing HSTP, i.e. Hyperspeech Transfer Protocol.

HSTP enables users to create voice sites as well as conduct transactions – IBM is running pilot projects in AP and Gujarat.

HSTP Protocol Stack

HSTP enables voice-driven transactions that can span multiple cross-enterprise voice applications and allows easy interconnection across voice applications and this can be used for providing a seamless browsing experience to the telephony user.

IBM has currently developted two applications – The first application is a tele-grocery store. Users can call the tele-grocery store and order the items of interest. The second application is a tele-payment gateway that accepts the user credit card information and charges the user on behalf of any given store. To enable the users to pay online with their credit cards, the tele-grocery application interfaces with the tele-payment application through a Hyperspeech link. Users interact with both applications by using voice. – download the paper

What’s your opinion on HSTP? If successful, this can potentially rake in big moolah from the rural market.

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