ICC Is The New Playground Between Facebook And Twitter

Given the popularity of cricket in India, both social networks are keen to boost user acquisition and engagement by providing extensive coverage of the event.

There’s nothing social networks like more than big-ol-sporting events which draw in masses of people sharing, voicing their opinions and showing support for their favourite teams.
ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 Logo
With Twitter and Facebook being engaged in a war to dominate the Indian market, it’s no wonder that they’ve launched campaigns surrounding the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015.
Here’s a statistic from Facebook that says it all – Out of the 1.3 billion people on Facebook, over 100 million of them are interested in cricket. Moreover, 45% of all the people who like cricket on Facebook are from India.
In the runnup to the World Cup that kicks off on February 14, Facebook is publicizing itself as ‘The Biggest Cricket Stadium In The World’. Obviously the social network is looking at the increased revenues it can earn from advertisers who’re looking to get in on Cricket madness
Facebook’s tips for online marketers – Target people in countries such as India with cricket-related messages; use Facebook’s video ads to develop cricket-themed messages; use Facebook’s demographics to target audiences based on age, gender and interests such as cricket.
The other giant Twitter has announced that it will take a similar approach to the one it used last year during the Brazilian Football World Cup. The social network has rolled out a cricket-themed timeline providing updates on games with images and commentary. Further, users will also be able to add things such as flags to flair up their tweets.
Twitter Timelines
Match timelines will allow users to see all the score updates as well as Tweets related to that game from within their network or official accounts. Users won’t need to follow their favourite players or teams to see their updates, instead simply clicking on their country flags will let them do so.
Tournament timelines will give users all the buzz surrounding the World Cup and will have match schedules, upon clicking which users will be directed to respective match timelines.
While India isn’t the only nation that’s participating in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, for Facebook and Twitter they might as well be.
As far as G+ is concerned, it seems Google has given up on bringing community engagement to the social network?

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