ICICI – calculations gone phut. Or is it Vendor (Finacle)?

Have a look at the above image (click to zoom). That’s basically a summary of my credit card purchase points.

  • Opening Balance= 5269
  • Earned = 1032
  • and Closing ? — Instead of adding the above 2, ICICI has subtracted the earned from opening .

Well, it seems like a simple issue (which doesn’t really affect me in the short run) – I am just furious to see the quality of dumbos that ICICI recruits (don’t these guys have a testing process?) Or is it the vendor’s (Infy?) fault?

After all, ICICI uses Infy’s Finacle software (can somebody please confirm?)

Does that shows the quality of people who are responsible for implementation – dumbos don’t even understand the difference between ‘+’ and ‘-‘ operator? Request ICICI guys to comment on this.

Oh by the way- do you guys commit the same *coding mistakes* with the credit amount? i.e. instead of adding a purchase amount – do you subtract them? I would love that.

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