iCouchapp Re-launches Consumer App; Focuses On Discovery And Engagement

The app aims to drive content discovery for users, while providing video creators and enthusiasts increased engagement

Video discovery and engagement service iCouchapp is re-entering the B2C space, armed with 1mn active users and over 50mn monthly activities.
After exiting the consumer sphere and functioning as a white-label solution for businesses, the company was able to streamline access to content and distribution. iCouchapp claims to drive 4X more engagement than any TV app out there.
The firm soon realized that the same sort of engagement driven approach would work for videos shared on YouTube and other platforms, leading it to relaunch its consumer app.
The B2C iCouchapp app has three main sections – Video, Timeline and Hall of Fame – which cater to content discovery, engagement and recognition respectively.
Sharing videos on the platform is as simple as pasting a YouTube URL or sharing directly by hitting the share button. Further, a video link can be shared only once, keeping things clean and promoting enthusiasts to share on the platform.
The timeline section showcases user create memes, polls and quizzes using screenshots of videos shared on the iCouchapp. Through this content creators and enthusiasts can boost user engagement and help discovery of their videos.
The Hall of Fame section showcases top users on any given day, helping others discover them and also encourage people to share content on the platform. Further, top users also stand the chance to win surprise gifts from time to time, further motivating them to share videos.
Going forward, iCouchapp will partner with TV Channels to bring their content to the platform, driving additional engagement and monetization. Users will also be given the option to share videos from platforms like Dailymotion and Vimeo, as opposed to just YouTube.

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