Anti Social Network Iddhis Does A Revamp – More Connections, Better Speed – But For What?

The one-to-one reverse social network, Iddhis has launched a revamped version. The new version allows you to have multiple one-to-one connections through a single account. Iddhis was launched towards the end of last year as a communication tool that allowed interacting with only one person. It was like a dedicated space for the connection between two people only. Though dedicated space was the core idea behind it but having the limitation of only 1 connection per account surely was a painful thing for mass adoption.

Iddhis is currently allowing 5 connections per account. Having dedicated connection is still possible as each connection would have its own stream, timeline, profiles and everything is contextual, whether it’s a profile pic or any notifications. The team describes it as having your connection profile rather than a user profile.

There are some other major developments around the product. The platform now gives you better speed, real time updates, an easy search and easier sign up. Though the development might be significant for existing users but the UI seems to be a little busy all of a sudden and may overwhelm new users. Products should release features one at a time for new users even if they are available for existing users. This is specially important when they do not have enough incumbent users to educate their peers.

As pointed out earlier, the concept does have potential but the team hasn’t been able to showcase strong use cases so far. The concept seems to be a more useful tool for work related connections than for social networking.

What do you think of this off beat concept? Who would you privately connect with using Iddhis? Do help out the team find out their Mojo.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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