Want To Share Only With One In Your Social Network – Use Iddhis

How many times have you wanted to share those secret pics with just one friend? Or wanted to write a status update that you wanted only that one special friend to read? Unfortunately none of your social networking sites let you do that.

Iddhis is a social platform that connects you with just one person. An ideal tool for one to connect to a friend or spouse or parents, one at a time and start sharing updates, photos, videos, day’s summary and much more. Updating on Iddhis can be done by web or by sending email to post<at>iddhis.com.

Iddhis.com is build around keeping user’s privacy at top priority. Iddhis.com is a kind of reverse social network, while on social network everything is by default public, on Iddhis.com , everything is private. With an Iddhis.com account one can connect with exactly one person. Social networks are not the ideal way to communicate with someone who is very important to you. That’s where Iddhis comes in.

The team has worked on the UI with a very ajaxy feel to it and making the actions most intuitive. The one basic question lies as to why can’t all this be done over email? Here’s what the founder has to say:

In one word the answer to your question would be  – Motivation. While everything can be done on email, the motivation to actually update on email doesn’t just happen naturally. Iddhis does a lots of things other than being a private space for two close people. There are various categories of updates, like short updates, day’ Summary, complaint, poems, photos, which one may not share on email regularly. Also there is too much noise in the mail box and conversations lose their importance very quickly. In Iddhis, everything remains very fresh as it’s just two of you who would share.
It’s true that everything is a subset of email, from social networking to forums, yet the need of dedicated platform for one particular task is always needed.

Motivation is the right word but does Iddhis solve the issue? Would you adopt to one more platform for that special person you want to interact with?

Do give Iddhis a try and lets know if the team has cracked it.

[Naman is a startup enthusiast and has worked with couple of Indian startups as Product Manager. He is the founder of FindYogi]

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