Ideacts takes its Cyber Cafe Management product iCafe to global markets

Ideacts, a company that develops software for cybercafes in India has taken its cyber café management product, iCafe to global markets. The company has launched iCafe Manager in 5 different languages -English, Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish &, Arabic.icafe

““These five languages were selected after in-depth Market research. These languages together account for a large percentage of users in the global Shared Internet Access space. The multi-lingual product is not just a mere text translation; it is a complete culture sensitive translation. For example, for the Arabic version, we have used the Hijri Calendar apart from transforming the UI components from right to left. All manuals, supporting documents and website have also been translated. We have ensured that the icons and other visual elements don’t clash with different languages and be understood easily across cultures. Translation is done by Native translators, as we focused on specific dialects like Portuguese as spoken in Brazil & Spanish as spoken in Latin America to make the product as user friendly and culturally integrated as possible” [Bhushan Aher, Head technology @ ideacts].
iCafe Manager will cater to the needs of Cyber Café Owners & Users across the world with specific focus on emerging markets like Brazil, Latin America, South East Asia (Indonesia), Middle East, North Africa (Algeria, Lebanon , Morocco, Egypt , Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar etc).

In India,  ideacts has presence in 17,390 cafes, serving 70,000 live terminals (amounting to 2.1 crore user per month).

Ideacts started as an idea (rather college kid idea) and raised funding from Sequoia Capital in 2009. Watch this UnPluggd video of Rudrajeet, talking about the company journey and how they started, shut down and restarted:

Also, the company recently launched eRuppee, that allows customers to shop online simply by using cash without having to credit/debit card details or net banking account details

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