Annie Duke is the bestselling author of Thinking in BetsHow to Decide, and Quit. She is also a corporate speaker and consultant in the decision-making space. As a former professional poker player, Annie won more than $4 million in tournament poker before retiring from the game in 2012. She is the co-founder of The Alliance for Decision Education, a non-profit whose mission is to improve lives by empowering students through decision-skills education.

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The value of quitting in the long run


The value of quitting in the long run

Quitting can be an important tool for achieving success in the long run. By quitting when appropriate, you can free up resources to pursue more promising opportunities. Quitting can help you avoid the "sunk cost fallacy," which is the tendency to persist in a losing endeavor because of the resources already invested.

Quitting can also help you avoid the trap of being too committed to an idea or approach and can help you stay flexible and adaptable to new information.


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