Online trust platform, IDfy helps you establish credibility in your interactions

IDfy is a peer to peer trust platform that is free for individuals to create an online trust profile and upload the relevant credential documents.  In short, Idfy helps you establish your credibility (i.e. get IDfy-ied) and trustworthiness in your interactions – be it applying for a job or evaluating marriage proposals.idfy

The service follows freemium model (easy to use self-verification and social tools for free), but if an individual requires a full verification for identity, address, education, employment, criminal check etc. then he/ she would have pay extra for this check. Further, transacting parties which would like to access detailed individual records would pay a fee per record or subscription fee for access to the database.

Within a year of launch, the Mumbai based startup has garnered clients like, Indian School of Business, Namma Bengaluru, and about 10 others. As far as use-cases are concerned, the service is being used for background verification – right from employee credentials check (by employers) to verifying credentials for the award winners (Namma Bengalurru).

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