IDG Ventures launches Aujas Networks, their first EIR Success Story

IDG Ventures’s first EIR (Entrepreneur in Residence), Manjula Sridhar has launched Aujas Networks, an IT security services company that enables “Digital defense” to global clients.

This is IDG India’s first EIR story and Manjula Sridhar shares some wonderful stories:

“..Since I dabble in mountaineering, I know that in each trek up the mountains, hiking up to 10000 ft is a pleasant experience. When one hits higher altitude around 12000 to 13000 ft, stringent mental and physical strength are required to go further up. The “death zone” after 22000 ft one needs supplemental oxygen as well. I was at the crux of high altitude and death zone.
Although my product was ready to go, I realized that market cycles are too long for the area I was focused on. Some of the freelancing offers that I had also fell through due to various reasons. Apart from these business realities I also experienced what I now call “corporate withdrawal symptom” similar to Altitude Mountain Sickness (AMS) which happens due to thin oxygen. The only cure for AMS is to go to low altitudes. I missed my AC cabin, cozy office environs and the certainty that came with a “regular job”. It was a painful
realization but I decided to bite the bullet and seriously started considering alternative options available to me.
I think we have reached the base camp, but the real ascent starts now. How we work as a team and execute will determine success and failures over the next few years.”

IDG is going strongly after the security market and earlier invested in iViz – check out their portfolio.

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