iDuple – SaaS Suite of Products for SMEs

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iDuple – SaaS Suite of Products for SMEs

The SaaS game is not about building SaaS products, but building ready-to-made modules that any SME can just order.

iDuple‘s Small Business Startup Kit is a SaaS product, where customers only need to pay a particular amount every month to subscribe to the service. The package includes all the necessary web softwares required for a startup or SME.

Mumbai based startup offers packaged products like:

  • Wiki
  • Blogs/CMS Platform
  • Collaboration Tool
  • CRM Tool
  • Discussion Forum
  • E-Learning
  • Email Campaigner
  • Human Resource
  • Live Chat
  • Picture Gallery
  • Shopping Cart
  • Social Networking
  • Web HelpDesk
  • Wiki

iDuple allows you to use the web components you need on a subscription basis – and for most of the applications, one can try out a demo version before buying.

Seeding packages is surely a great idea and unlike several other SaaS products, that are selling one or two products, iDuple is targeting the entire IT department.

iDuple also has a portal suite of products (link) that integrated it’s own SaaS products as well as other vendors – for example Invoicing is integrated with Zoho CRM, SCM is integrated with Tracmor etc – a very smart strategy to be the IT department (and not a few module in SME’s IT system).

Give iDuple a spin and share your feedback. As a startup, what stops you from using such products?

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