Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview for Windows 7

internet explorerIf you are a web developer who is using Windows 7 but want to get a taste of the new Internet Explorer 11 you need not fret any longer. Internet Explorer 11 which was till now only available for users of Windows 8.1 Preview has now been made available for Windows 7 but as a developer preview.

Microsoft had promised to bring a version of its latest browser to the old version of Windows and it has taken some time to finally be available. This move will let developers try out Internet Explorer 11 without actually moving to the preview version of Windows 8.1.

Internet Explorer 11 brings a whole lot of updates including improved performance, faster page load times, new standards support for next generation sites, and completely revised F12 developer tools.

The Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview available for Windows 7 is missing some of the features present on IE11 in Windows 8.1. It does not support SPDY, a Google-developed protocol aimed at reducing latency issues associated with delivering Web content. There is also no support for Worldwide Web Consortium streaming media standards such as Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions.

Apart from the above there is also no native HTML 5 drag-and-drop support in IE 11 for Windows 7. Microsoft has also temporarily disabled a “UI Responsiveness” tool accessed via the F12 key and some of Microsoft’s pinned site improvements aren’t available with IE 11 for Windows 7.

According to Microsoft the key highlights of IE11 are:

  • Advances the performance leadership of Microsoft’s JavaScript engine, Chakra, while ensuring compatibility, interoperability, and security.
  • Includes support for WebGL, an emerging web technology that enables web developers to create new kinds of advanced 2D and 3D experiences by programming the computer’s Graphics Processing Unit.
  • Lets you deliver HTML5 video without plugins.
  • Includes a completely re-designed and enhanced suite of in-browser F12 developer tools.
  • Is interoperable with existing sites, which just run faster and look better in IE.

The Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 can be downloaded from here.

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