If AI is everywhere, what is the worth of a song? : Let the consumer decide it.

Artificial Intelligence would bring in an industrial revolution level change in business. across the globe. Replacing work and jobs. which does not requires a lot of human cognition intervention.

But what about those pieces of work, which are sole creation of a beautiful mind?

A portrait, a song, a fabric design, a piece of fabric itself. The ideas which take birth in a creator’s mind, matured over ages; like a good whisky. Can we replace them by those created by a machine?

While a machine can generate an idea, it’s input is definitely provided by a human. So does this idea belong to the human or machine? And if it qualifies to be a machine generated one, what is it’s intrinsic value?

Moreover, why people should buy it?

Accepting one possible answer – yes, I’ll buy a machine’s idea – somehow upends some of our notions of creativity.

The machine is not a person, not conscious, has no awareness or context. It has nothing to say. It has merely generated something.

We are used to considering human artists as the driving force behind value.

The limitation of human cognition is it takes time. The 10,000 hours rule is well known. And this is where, AI or ‘assistive AI’ comes to play. In creative jobs like music or song-writing, it could open a whole new paradigm. Where the machine can help a human transcend its limited cognition.

The proof of the pudding always lies in eating, and if a piece of music created with human cognition and machine interpretation can bring in more listeners, a new genre of both artists and music would come alive. And after all, the 10,000 hour rule might get shelved. For the machine, it is never 10,000 hours after all.

Advances in technology can allow people to skip those long production hours and start creating, as these hours are not rewarded (though they can be rewarding to the creator).

The value of a piece of clothing or artwork is only quantifiable by the consumer; if they want to see it or take people to see it, if they want to wear it.

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