IIT Kanpur launches a free online initiative to help us with mental health issues : Treadwill

IIT Kanpur launches a free online initiative, Treadwill to help us with mental health issues.
“Why” of this story:
In a country where mental health issues are so stigmatic that one can be labelled as “mad”, very few “usable” initiatives have been launched by eminent scientific and technological institutions, which could be accessed easily by general public, which funds their research and development. The translation from research to being used in actual production is almost non-existent.
The Perspective:
Due to dramatic rise in incidents where people seemed like have run out of options regarding their future life, the issue of mental health as a challenge is rising up, but still mostly reduced to being “trends” on certain unfortunate occasions. While providing certified listeners and psychiatrist for sustainable therapy would have long gestation, online initiatives can definitely help in an age where people are more comfortable with emojis than spoken words.
The Story:
Treadwill is an online initiative launched by IIT Kanpur to help people deal with stress and depression related syndromes. It is a culmination of an effort from departments of Computer Science and Psychology at the institute of imminence. Based on well researched and proven method of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), it first starts with the user identifying their issues and then helps them with a track to change their behaviour.
“What” of this story:
What can we do to ensure the success of such initiative, so that more and more people who need such help use this? We ourselve use Treadwill and share feedback on both our online and offline network and most important of all keep an eye on “the one” who might need it.
If you gave Treadwill a try, please share your experience via comment with us all.

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