Guardian & Smart Earphone: Two Innovative Devices IITians Have Cooked Up

Students from IIT Delhi have built a personal security device that alerts the user’s loved ones in times of distress. The device called Guardian, uses multiple modes of communication such as the Internet, SMS and NFC to get the message out.
The three communication technologies act as fail-safes for each other, ensuring the distress message always gets sent. Further, by using cellular networks, rescuers can triangulate the location of the person in distress.
Another innovation, this one from IIT Roorkee, is a wearable device with which users can selectively listen to sounds. The device uses a companion smartphone app through with users can select the sound and volume of the sound they want to hear.
The Smart Earphone hardware doesn’t handle any of the sound signal processing, which instead is handled via the smartphone app itself. The uses of such a device can span from helping the deaf to building the ultimate noise cancelation headphones.
The teams that built both devices bagged the Ericsson Innovation Awards, that entitles them to receive funding of up to Rs 10 lakh in order to incubate their projects. Guardian and Smart Earphone were selected from over 67 entries that came in from across the IITs in India.

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