iLiftOff, the online assessment platform grabs 15000 users in 3 months

InterviewStreet was among the first few players to see an opportunity in creating an online test assessment platform and while the company decided to focus on US market (primarily), the home turf has witnessed growth of companies like Mettl (recently raised $4mn funding).

iLiftOff is a 3 months old startup started by two young entrepreneurs – Raghav Aggarwal (25 years, dropped out from IIM A to focus on his venture) and Abhinav Aggarwal(21 years, has attained admission in ISB Hyderabad).

The parent company, Trutech was started to provide custom assessment tests to institutions like Mumbai University and the product was initially developed for internal purpose; but the duo soon opened it up to companies (they have clients like, Justdial etc using the product).

Cofounder Raghav shares that within three months of the launch, company has managed to grab 15,000 users/47,000 tests  on the platform. Importantly, the platform isn’t just about coding skills but offers 125 tests across 4 areas which include IT(programming),Finance , Law and General Aptitude.

The company has launched its API and is reaching out to job portals for partnerships to accelerate the growth (the duo were one of the winners of TC New York hackathon).

What about a ‘reseller’ channel? In my opinion, Online assessment platforms should maximize the existing value chain and plan to partner with HR consulting companies. All said and done, the middle men (i.e. HR consultants) in this industry isn’t dying and that’s because recruitment process is more than skill assessment. Hence, using reseller channels like HR consultants can potentially provide the much needed distribution of the platform.

What are your thoughts?

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