Twitter meets Instant Messenger | How to Chat with your Twitter Friends

Wanna chat with your Twitter friends?

Treegger is an IM service for Twitter that enables you to chat with your Twitter friends (bidirectional follow relationship only). What’s interesting about Treeger is that it works with Pidgin, Adium and any XMPP supporting IM client.

Treegger does not store any data, credentials or messages, all contents just transit between you and Treegger’s servers using secure connection (TLS).Chat with Twitter Friends

There are few other Twitter IM experiments that relied on using DMs [i.e. Direct Messages] for chat making the entire experience cumbersome and unfriendly.

Treeger has an advantage here – it works like any other IM client and is pretty easy to configure. The team behind Tweeger aims to provides fully connected message oriented infrastructure allowing people to define triggers.

Do try Treegger and share your feedback.

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