IMImobile Acquires Mobile Messaging Company Textlocal

IMImobile has acquired TxtLocal, a self-service, cloud based, mobile messaging business for approximately £13.15 million.
TextLocal is a mobile communications company focused on enabling SMBs to harness the capabilities of mobile messaging like bulk SMS marketing solutions. TextLocal builds tools optimized for delivery on mobile phones. TextLocal’s messenger platform is built based on efficiency, integration and ease of use along with useful added extras such as tracking, surveys, attachments, ticketing, analytics, campaign management tools and more.imimobile1_thumb.gif
Jay Patel, CEO of IMImobile said that the acquisition will allow them to target the small and medium sized business segment that IMIMobile don’t currently serve and thus expand their cloud based mobile messaging offering. He also added that IMIMobile will be integrating the entire TextLocal team into the Group over the next six months.
TextLocal and its customer base will benefit from IMImobile’s capabilities of delivering multi-channel customer engagement and mobile payments solutions that work in synergy with TextLocal’s features such as mobile vouchers and ticketing.

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