Nearly all Twitter users visit retail websites, it helps retailers to optimize purchase rate by 39%: Study

Of course this is a study done by Twitter for Twitter. But maybe it will help to read through it anyway.  Almost 95 % of Twitter users visit retail websites as compared to 90 % of general internet users, says a new study by Twitter. This finding holds for both mass retail sites as well as specific categories like apparel & accessories retailers and becomes even more pronounced for more niche parts of the retail industry like toys or sporting goods, the microblogging site said.
“Tweets in Action: Retail,” the joint study, done by Twitter and Compete says that people are more likely to visit retail websites and make online purchases seeing tweets from retailers.  It notes that Twitter users are big online buyers but big brands aren’t the only retailers that benefit. Twitter brings people closer to a wide range of interests so niche retailers who connect with the highly engaged audience on Twitter often see a greater lift in results.

Twitter users who see retailer Tweets are more likely to make online purchases, 27% of general Internet users bought something from a retail website. Twitter users, however, made purchases at a rate of 33% from the same sites. When Twitter users were exposed to a Tweet from a retailer, that purchase rate increased to 39%.

Twitter users exposed to Tweets from retailers on 12 or more days were 32% more likely to purchase from those retailers compared to all users exposed to retail Tweets.

The study analyzed over 7,600 users and their site visitation and purchase behavior on over 700 retail brand websites during the busy back to school season. The first group of users was composed of people exposed to at least one Tweet by a retail company.

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