How to Implement Twitter and Facebook Login in your WordPress Website

If your wordpress blog requires a user to register/sign-in, you probably would like to implement easy registrations for the site users.

Here are two simple mechanism to integrate Faebook and Twitter logins in your WordPress site.

Facebook Connect

There are quite a few plugins available to integrate Facebook integration, but the one we recommend is this. Apart from the fact that this plugin has been developed by a FB engineer, our recommendation is also based on the simplicity of its usage.

In order to use this plugin, you’d need Facebook API keys [which you can obtain from app registration page]

How to Configure Facebook App for WordPress Registration

After you have entered the name and basic details of application, enter your site url in ‘Connect URL’ section (‘Connect’ tab in App configuration page).

Enter the API key and Secret to get started.

Twitter Connect

Again, there are multiple Twitter connect plugins, but the one we recommend is this one.

Twit Connect provides two different options for connecting to Twitter, hosted oAuth or self-hosted.  Using the hosted method, your blog will connect to a Whitley Media server which will manage the oAuth exchange.  In the self-hosted option, everything is handled on your blog, however you must register your blog with Twitter as a Twitter application.  PHP 5 or greater is required to run the self-hosted option


Do give the above two suggestions a try and share your recommendations.

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