Now you can share your Google+ Posts with Orkut friends

We earlier spotted the first ever integration between Google+ and Orkut and today, Google has announced that you can now share your G+ public posts with Orkut friends as well.

“After you link your profiles, your Orkut profile photo and name will be the same as your Google+ photo and name. In addition, you will be able to share all your public Google+ posts  with your Orkut friends. Your Google+ posts to limited audience or specific circles will remain on Google+ only and will be subject to your privacy settings.

As a result, linking your profiles will also make it easier for your Orkut friends to find you on Google+. Linking your Orkut and Google+ profiles is optional and you can decide whether you want to do it or not. In addition, even after you link them, you can decide if you want to share your public posts with your Orkut friends or not just by accessing your Orkut settings.” [blog]


Do you really want to do this? I mean, are you even active on any of these networks? While this integration isn’t about the users, Google is (probably) working hard on putting Orkut in a sunset mode (quietly).

This is what I mentioned earlier:

Well, in the future I’d expect Google to quietly integrate (and enable import) one’s Orkut activity with Google+ and hopefully sunset Orkut by end of 2012.

What’s your opinion? Isn’t Orkut a distraction for Google?

– Aside, add on G+.

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