For writers, half of your job is to make more friends. Know the importance of networking for success

Don’t like networking and socializing? Be a novelist! As a working writer in Hollywood in 2022, half of your job is literally to make friends and more friends. – Kaia Alexander

Thread: For writers (and above-the-line creatives) about the importance of networking to succeed in your career. 1/ Don’t like networking and socializing? Be a novelist! As a working writer in Hollywood in 2022, half of your job is literally to make friends, and more friends.
2/ Be a team player. This industry is full of narcissists. The way people will want to work with you is if they feel you want to give to THEM. Read them. Make intros for them. Tell them you value them in your life. Provide VALUE. Fucking LOVE PEOPLE 🙂
3/ I always say, Find your #WolfPack – this means your peers, your reps, your attorney, your agent, your spouse- the people who pick you up when you’re down, who you can truly confide in, who you can TRUST. Audition people to see if they are trustworthy. How long? 90 days!
4/ Clearly communicate your brand and DNA and goals. You gotta be able to state in ONE SENTENCE what you’re made of. NO: I write drama. YES: I’m a queer veteran and write war stories you’ve never seen on screen. I want to be staffed on X show. My ideal buyer is ____. Netflix etc.
5/ Know the difference between PERSISTENCE and being a PEST. Some people are too desperate and pushy, and you’ll alienate potential team. If you want to position your work, build the relationship first. Make a friend! And be real, don’t bother if there isn’t an organic interest.
6/ As you find your wolf pack, your partners in believing, shout out about your accomplishments! Men: this is harder for women because the industry doesn’t welcome strong women, so help them. Women, stop stabbing each other in the back already, sheesh. Help each other.
7/ You’ll notice that a director will work with the same actors over and over (Scorcese//DiCaprio, Apatow//Rogan etc). This is the wolf pack principle. Sometimes I say: Who do you want on your boat? Make friends with people, go have drinks, build happy memories! THAT’S networking
8/ Networking is hard for introverts but is is literally HALF of your job. Your other half is to be a genius creative _____. But if you don’t network well, or pitch in the room well, your career will stall. Join Toastmasters. Play charades. Hike or play ball together! Call people
9/ If you struggle with your place in a group become the ORGANIZER. Honestly, you’ll have the most important role, put yourself in the mix, and build confidence and your Rolodex. Make it FUN! We all want to belong. Help people belong. Invite them.
10/ I love to give gifts. So especially this holiday season, think of the people who have helped you, and give them a pound of your favorite coffee and a nice hand written card. Share your gratitude. Make others feel how you wish they made YOU feel! Be the giver.
12/ We also pay referral commissions $$- so if you know someone who should sign up for EBS, make sure they share your name with us, and you’ll get a $50 check! If you have an industry email list, DM me for deets. #screenwriting #WritingCommunity

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