Improve PC Reboot Time with Solute

If you are a Windows user, you probably go through the frustration of waiting for the PC to boot fast.

If you go back in time, you would probably recall that you installed a lot of applications without knowing whether they add to your startup/boot service or not.

What really happens is that some of these services (e.g. all installers from Apple) would ‘secretly’ activate their services during the boot time, so that they get the maximum usable time.

With all this, what you get is a bloated boot with loads of unwanted services in the startup process.

Solute, a fresh startup does an amazing job of helping you understand what services aren’t needed and can be easily removed from your boot process without impacting the normal usage.

pc reboot time solute

I was able to bring down the applications from 75 to 50 and what’s good about the product is that it also gives you recommendations depending on the service, i.e. whether to pause it or remove it from the boot process.

Do give Solute a salute and share your opinion.

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