With OutTask, Never Forget or Let Others Forget a Task

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With OutTask, Never Forget or Let Others Forget a Task

OutTask is more than your normal reminder app or “to-do” list. It comes with an SMS option to remind the tasks to the assignees. The OutTask is for professionals and managers who is finding it hard to keep up with the innumerable chores at work and personal life.

What can you do with OutTask?

 1. Assign tasks to phone numbers: Basically, you can assign tasks to a person using just the phone number. The assignee gets reminded of it through an SMS option if not registered with OutTask and a push notification if using the same app. Multiple people can be assigned the same task as well.



2. Categorize tasks: The tasks can be categorized into 7 helping the app to customize the notification messages. The categories are Job, Favor, Meeting, Event, Reminder, Assignment and To-do for myself.

3. Store on cloud: All the data on OutTask can be stored in cloud making it easier to avail it on all devices and anywhere.

Why do you need a reminder app?

“Primary objective of OutTask is to get all the parties involved in a task on the same platform, allow easy communication on the same platform and manage the task through it completion. Each party involved will have same knowledge of the task as others on the task,” Rodney Lewis, founder of OutTask said.

A software business analyst, Rodney came across a situation where a vendor, whom he hired for some work, did not finish the task and was not available for communication. That led to the creation of OutTask.

Larger companies can use the app for customer service while smaller enterprises can use this to designate work and get it done as a team.



Future plans

“Our current focus is on improving the overall performance of the application by improving its architecture. We are also developing the application on other mobile platforms like IOS.We will have a basic free versions, a paid pro version with advanced features and an enterprise version for businesses to manage their tasks with customers,” Rodney said.

Launched at the bigMobilityConf 2014, the team is working on an improved version currently. International numbers can also be used through the OutTask soon.

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