In deep conversation with Deap Ubhi of Burrp [our podcast]

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In deep conversation with Deap Ubhi of Burrp [our podcast]

In this podcast with, Deap talks about Burrp’s future plans, what lies ahead and he shares his insights on entrepreneurship.

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Deap reveals few of the cool stuff coming out of the Burrp factory [Mobile coupons, Deal2Phone and TV Listing service!] and how Burrp is moving away from being a local listing service to the big big listing service!

Given that Burrp is synonymous with foodies, does the new positioning calls for a change in the brand name? Deap shares his insights.

Since Burrp is operational only in few cities, how is it relevant to other parts of India? Isn’t it too risky to target niche segment [i.e. lifestyle] in niche cities?
Listen to know more.

As Deap comes from M&A/private equity background and has been on the other side of the *funding* table, we wanted to know his insights/experiences with VCs – what works? what sucks?

And I am glad to say that he has some damn good stuff to share. He talks about the homework that every entrepreneur should do before approaching VCs [talks about VentureHacks, how to build protection in the term sheet, sign deferred compensation deal with legal teams and in short, get smart about the whole investing process].

Deap also shares his observations with recruiting talented engineers in India…and he is pretty candid about what he says!

Most importantly, he shares his insights on how entrepreneurs need to be capital efficient, be more resilient and earn respect from the community, ‘coz the testing times are right ahead!
Don’t miss this podcast.

By the way, we have put up another page with poDomatic guys to publish our podcast.

Do give it a listen and share your comments.

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